The Qt Project and Google Summer of Code 2018

This year, for the first time, the Qt Project will be participating in the Google Summer of Code initiative.
This is an awesome opportunity for students who are interested in or are already involved with Qt development, and who want to flip bits and not burgers during their summer break!
What this means in practice is that by submitting a strong project proposal to the initiative, you as a student have a good chance to get a nicely paid summer job working on new features or improvements to Qt!

How to participate

For students, the recommended approach to participate in this initiative with the Qt Project is to start off by reading up how the whole thing works. Then, come up with a project idea (or choose one of the suggested ideas in the Qt Project's wiki page), and reach out to mentors as soon as possible in our dedicated channels (in #qt-gsoc IRC channel on the Freenode network, or through the development mailing list).

In these channels you can discuss your idea with mentors (and the community), then get started, with the help of the mentors, to write down your project proposal and finally submitting it. The deadline for the submission of your proposal is the 27th of March.

Hope this sounds like an interesting opportunity and we hope that you will participate in making Qt even better!

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