Participating the GENIVI All Member Meeting 2018 in Munich

The GENIVI All member meeting was held this year in Munich. I had the pleasure of joining the discussions on domain interaction, graphics sharing and hypervisor use in the automotive space.

One of the most interesting presentations on graphics sharing was given by BMW Car IT on the Ramses project, which allows transmitting a graphics scene over the network with relatively small amount of traffic. This is because Ramses implementation does not send all OpenGL commands for the next frame but only the ones that have changed. This maps well to automotive UI use cases where most of the time there aren’t a lot of changes. BMW showed a really impressive demo where 3D graphics content was provided by two sources to one scene. They are planning to contribute the implementation of Ramses to open source in Q3 2018.

There were two other presentations on graphics sharing by Harman and ADIT, which are utilizing different levels of graphics stacks in their implementation. It seems that Qt applications should be already compatible with ADIT's Waltham protocol implementation.

I personally enjoyed listening to BMW’s talk describing their experiences on running and developing the CI system, which is used for building a Yocto-based Linux distribution. The challenges they had encountered were similar to what I have personally seen at Qt and also on projects prior to joining the Qt company.

I am planning on writing another blog post about how to apply the new Qt Remote Objects API when setting up inter-domain communication between automotive IVI and cluster systems written in Qt. So, stay tuned!

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