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Scaling Down to Low-End Hardware with Qt Professional Services

Published on Thursday May 03, 2018 by Timo Kytömäki in Biz Circuit Embedded embedded Qt mcu | Comments

How low do you want to go? Our fantastic guys at R&D have brought Qt over to the microcontroller units (MCUs). Make sure to check our proof-of-concept. The results look promising, and we have received a lot of requests from customers who want to use lower-end hardware to reduce costs. Our ultimate goal this year is to make this service available to everyone, no matter the architecture (hardware + board support package + real-time operating system).

Qt on MCUs

Today, Qt supports i.MX7 on the lowest end, and we are now looking into even lower-end hardware. We're currently working on two environments; (a) STM32F4/7+RTEMS  (b) NXP1050+uCLinux. Get more technical info with the interesting deep dive in Mikhail's blog post.

Sounds great, doesn't it?

In addition to this, you can also contact us if you would like us to help you out with the following:

  • create and maintain a whole end-to-end software stack for your device and tooling
  • create a Qt application architecture tailored to suit your time restrictions, budget, and performance goals
  • deliver turnkey software solution with your application
  • advise on technologies for optimal software performance

So, how low do you want to go? We at the Qt Professional Services team are eager to cut down your costs. Get in touch! (make sure to type “Qt on MCU” in the comment section when filling the form)


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