Additional Device Creations targets available under Qt Account

We have enabled an improved ability to add new device creation targets to existing Qt releases outside of Qt release schedules. In practice this means, that Qt for Device Creation license holders can find additional embedded target support packages under their Qt Account downloads, additionally to those available under Qt Online Installer and Maintenance tool.

Qt Board Support Package overviewWe have had the ability to upload QBSP (Qt Board Support Package) in to Qt installation through the Maintenance tool for several releases already, but now all the necessary pieces for end to end support are coming together.

QBSP is file format having required toolchains, target hardware firmware, operating system, Qt and Boot to Qt demo application, required configurations for IDE (both Qt Creator and Microsoft Visual Studio) and all other necessary bits and pieces in one package. The QBSP makes adding new target hardware support for embedded developers super easy.

Qt Board Support Package downloads page In future, developers can find additional embedded target support packages, QBSP files for download under their Qt account ( Remember to first select your license (Qt for Device Creation), then product level filter for QBSP downloadables (Qt for Device Creation QBSP) and then the Qt release you are using (Qt 5.12.0 in the above picture).

The big benefit of this model is our ability to open up our delivery channel and QBSP creation for external parties  as well as remove dependency from Qt release schedules and available supported hardware for each release.

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