Google Summer of Code 2019

Hi all,

Some of us have been discussing on IRC whether to apply again to the Google Summer of Code 2019, as The Qt Project.
The deadline for organizations to send applications is February 6th.
The current idea is that, unless there are strong objections against applying, we will try to submit an application on behalf of The Qt Project.

So, if you agree and have ideas please use the following wiki page to propose your project and/or assign yourself as a possible mentor in other interesting projects:
A lesson learned from last year's participation is that the candidate's skills are essential so the goal will be to prioritize top candidates.

Please join also #qt-gsoc on Freenode to discuss the participation of The Qt Project to the Google Summer of Code 2019.
Once the application will be submitted and accepted, we would use the #qt-gsoc IRC channel for questions about procedure and projects.
Qt-related questions should still go to #qt-labs on IRC/freenode.
This mailing list is also a good place to propose or discuss GSoC projects.

I have also created a tentative landing page:

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