Qt Automotive Suite 5.12.1 released

I am happy to announce we have release Qt Automotive Suite 5.12.1 today.

This is first patch release for Qt Automotive Suite 5.12 LTS and it is based on Qt 5.12.1 release. As a patch release it doesn't bring any new features but many bug fixes at the top of previous Qt Automotive Suite 5.12.0 release. We will continue releasing regular updates as new patch level release in the future; next update should be available few weeks after soon coming Qt 5.12.2 release.

You can get Qt Automotive Suite 5.12.1 as an update to existing Qt Automotive Suite 5.12.0 installation via maintenance tool. Or you can do clean installation by using Qt Online Installer which can be found from your Qt Account.

Please install Qt Automotive Suite 5.12.1 now & give us feedback via Jira.

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