Qt Design Studio 1.2 Beta released

We are happy to announce the beta release of Qt Design Studio 1.2.

Qt Design Studio is a UI design and development tool that enables designers and developers to rapidly prototype and develop complex UIs. Both designers and developers use Qt Design Studio and this makes collaboration between the two a lot simpler and more streamlined. To get an impression, you should watch this video.

The main addition for Qt Design Studio 1.2 is the Sketch Bridge. It is now possible to export your scenes from Sketch and import them to Qt Design Studio 1.2.


Qt Design Studio 1.2 also finally supports powerful gradients for Shape-based items. This means you can add and animate spherical, gradients, conical gradients and linear gradients and their properties.


The commercially licensed packages are available through the online installer and on the Qt Account Portal. You can try out and evaluate Qt Design Studio by registering for an evaluation license.

With Qt Design Studio 1.2 there is also a free community version available, which lacks the Photoshop and Sketch bridges, though.

Getting Started

You can find the latest online documentation for Qt Design Studio 1.2 here. The documentation is also available from inside Qt Design Studio.

For Qt Design Studio we created new tutorials as part of the documentation.

The welcome page of Qt Design Studio contains examples and links to video tutorials to help you get started.

Please post issues you find or suggestions you have in our bug tracker.

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