Qt Design Studio 1.3 Beta released - Collaborate together

We are happy to announce the beta release of Qt Design Studio 1.3.

Qt Design Studio is a UI design and development tool that enables designers and developers to rapidly prototype and develop complex UIs. Both designers and developers use Qt Design Studio and this makes collaboration between the two a lot simpler and more streamlined. To get an impression, you should watch this video.

Qt Design Studio 1.3 comes with a new advanced curve editor for animations.

The new curve editor The new graphical animation curve editor

The new curve editor allows adjusting the interpolation curves for multiple keyframes in a single view. This allows fine-tuning of very complex animations and full control over the slope of animations on keyframes.
The Sketch Bridge is vastly improved and now supports Symbol Overrides.

Symbol overrides in Sketch are now supported Symbol overrides in Sketch are now supported

Symbol Overrides match perfectly with the concept of components and properties in QML. Using Symbol Overrides different instances of a Button can have different text properties for example. Those Symbol Overrides are now exported to QML. Another nice addition to the Sketch Bridge is the ability to exports SVGs instead of bitmap graphics. This way vector graphics are still scalable in QML after they have been exported.

The controls of the property editor are now based on Qt Quick Controls 2 instead of Qt Quick Controls 1.

The property editor now uses Qt Quick Controls 2 The property editor now uses Qt Quick Controls 2

While implementing the controls using Qt Quick Controls 2 we also changed the design and cleaned up the property editor. The property editor now looks a lot cleaner and the usability of controls like the spin box has been improved a lot. The new spin box, for example, supports dragging and has an optional integrated slider.

Last but not least many bugs were fixed and we improved the usability in many areas. For example, the property editor finally supports multi-selection. This allows setting properties on multiple items at once.

Another addition really worth mentioning is the improved binding editor. The new binding editor is now based directly on the code editor widget and the usability, especially the code completion, has been vastly improved. This makes editing your bindings a lot more convenient.

The binding editor is now based on the code editor The binding editor is now based on the code editor

With Qt Design Studio 1.3 there is also a free community version available, which lacks the Photoshop and Sketch bridges, though. The Beta of the Qt Design Studio 1.3 Community Edition can be found here.

Getting Started

You can find the latest online documentation for Qt Design Studio 1.3 here. The documentation is also available from inside Qt Design Studio.

For Qt Design Studio we created tutorials as part of the documentation.

The welcome page of Qt Design Studio contains examples and links to video tutorials to help you get started.

Please post issues you find or suggestions you have in our bug tracker.

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