Announcing the Qt Automotive Suite 5.13.1

We are delighted to announce an update to our Qt Automotive Suite 5.13 release.


Figure 1. Your future digital cockpit with Qt Automotive Suite?

This is a patch release that’s based on Qt 5.13.1. In addition to the significant number of bug fixes in Qt itself, we have made ~80 fixes for our automotive components, that includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

We didn’t stop there. Our partner, Luxoft, has added two new tutorials to complement Qt Automotive Suite’s documentation.

The first tutorial shows how to “Develop a Parking App” step-by-step, for Neptune 3 UI. First, the tutorial uses static data to display the number of parking lots available in a particular area. Later, the tutorial delves into extending the Parking App with a Middleware API and simulates the number of parking lots.

Figure 2. Parking App


The second tutorial is for Qt IVI’s Generator. It demonstrates how you can extend a QML application with your own autogenerated Middleware API. The ultimate goal is to connect all of these features together to simulate a real-time driving experience.

Figure 3. Simulating realistic acceleration


To obtain this latest version, use the Qt Online Installer’s maintenance tool, or get a new installation via your Qt Account from

Finally, I’d like to thank our partners, KDAB and Luxoft, as well as our development team, for another great collaboration. And last but not least, many thanks to our customers for your continuous support and feedback.