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Qt for small Business SoME

You asked and you shall receive: Here's a new Qt offering, geared towards small businesses and start-ups, that comes at a low, low price. The Qt for Small Business license is a full Qt license for embedded, desktop, and mobile software development, at only $499 per year.

What is so excellent about this offering is that you can distribute your applications to all our supported  platforms.  It entitles you to the full usage of Qt and the freedom to package and sell your product under the terms and conditions of a full commercial Qt license.

So, what is the catch, you might ask? As an offering for start-ups, this license is reserved for companies that are actually still small. In our initial announcement in January, this license was restricted to companies with a yearly revenue and funding of less than $100 000. Now, based on your feedback, we have changed the limit to $250 000. You can have up to four Qt for Small Business licenses for your company. 

We really hope this will get you up and running like a gazelle and get more people to use Qt to bring the next big  thing to the market. Because how great would it be if we could all proudly say “Hey, that’s built with Qt”?

Find more information as well as terms and conditions about the Qt for Small Businesses subscription on our website. 

Are we excited?

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