Celebrating Success: Qt Academy x FYI

During Qt World Summit 2023, we were excited to share the success of our first Customer-Featured Learning Path with FYI, closing the first chapter of Qt Academy by presenting two awards to our learners for their dedication to learning and demonstrating their skills.


, is a California-based mobile tech company founded and headed by artist and tech entrepreneur, will.i.am. FYI combines messaging and collaboration tools with file management and content publishing features to create an all-in-one experience that makes creative teams more productive.

We launched Qt Academy with two Featured Learning Paths, one focusing on the Qt Development Framework and another on UI Design with Qt Design Studio. The learning paths were designed to equip you with the fundamental skills you need to get started with Qt and apply this to a To-Do List Application where you can take ownership of your learning. We had 300 enrolments for these learning paths, with every learner getting personalized feedback tailored to their submissions.

With our first two Featured Learning Paths, we wanted to test people's skills and creativity, so we posted a competition! In groups of 2-4, produce, design, and prototype an application that draws upon the knowledge you have learned from the learning paths focusing on the theme of ‘improving productivity for creatives’.

FYI Notable Submission Award

The Tboys were the winners of the FYI Notable Submission Award with their app, ‘Reviewed’. An app to streamline the process of designers and clients. Clients can annotate designs and give real-time feedback as the designer iterates on the work. Collaboration is vital, and we are happy to celebrate the work of Alex, Anas, Lee, and Umesh across several continents and time zones. Each team member brought their own experiences and knowledge to the table, and the result was a promising prototype with interesting feature ideas like pinning, circling, and commenting on tasks. It's a unique take on the space of task apps and reminds us of some online whiteboarding tools but focused explicitly on design collaboration. We hope to see them create great things in the future.

FYI Honorable Mention

Dif Ahmed was the winner of the FYI Honorable Mention award. While providing feedback to the learners during the FYI learning path, one person stood out with consistent engagement, eagerness for feedback, and mindset towards learning. This was shown by being consistently within the Top 5 most active learners on Qt Academy during the FYI Learning Paths. We were particularly impressed with the quality of the presentation in demonstrating their application wireframes when developing their To-Do List application. We hope to see more of their work in the future and keep aiming high with their dedication to learning new things.


What’s Next?

The success of the FYI Featured Learning Path is a testament to the dedication of those around the world learning Qt and wanting to create awesome projects. It has been inspiring to see people apply what they’ve learned in interesting ways.

With that said, we have publicly released both learning paths and updated them based on feedback from the community! Head over to the Qt Academy Catalog and dive in if you haven’t already!

We also have our new Qt Academy x Esri Featured Learning Path where you can get started exploring the ArcGIS Maps SDK for Qt and build a mapping application that you can customize into your very own project.

Whether you're new to Qt development or looking to hone your skills, there's always something new to learn and create. Join us at Qt Academy and keep learning!


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