Congratulations to Our 2023 Qt Champions!

Hello, everyone!

Here I am once again proud to announce and reward the Contributions made by our Community Members.
In this specific case, I am talking about our Qt Champions, those who are celebrated by the Community for taking extra steps into improving our Qt environment.

This year we have five Qt Champions to reward:

Chris Kawa: "Over the years, Chris has shown dedication to provide more than just high quality answers. He is sharing his programming knowledge not only around Qt and C++ but also OpenGL and application logic. His answers are always nice to read as they offer valuable inputs in fields that are not as known as others."

Jesper Pedersen: "Jesper is probably the most popular face on Qt-related YouTube. He's recording a series of Qt tutorials and related videos with his colleagues. All this with the highest quality and expertise. This year Jesper released a new series on Qt Widgets. The series is also available on Qt Academy letting both individuals and the community grow."

Lukas KosińskiDelivering high quality Qt promotional talks in countless forums all around the globe this year, sharing his unique and vast experience and insights across many domains and development frameworks - Qt being his very obvious preference.
For being a very visible public voice and guide for developing best in class QML applications.
For notably creating and contributing a 16 part QML Tutorial to the Qt Academy, making QML learning available to the community.
For creating a brand new "Cute Talk" promoting Qt use within a wide variety of industrial and UX scenarios.
All while running his own acclaimed business and becoming an official Qt Service Partner.

Mike Trahearn: "Mike is an active Qt evangelist sharing his insights, opinions an,d news regarding the QML, C++and development. As someone experienced in all of the above, he significantly impacts the shape of Qt's designing tooling."
"He impersonates everything what's innovative, daring, revolutionary and close to impossible (think Tom Cruise style). He has an extraordinary ability to push the boundaries of what's possible with Qt. His projects often address critical issues, paving the way for more efficient and effective use of Qt in a number of industries. On top of all that, as a true maverick, Mike embodies the spirit of collaboration and open-source development. His work not only reflects his exceptional skills and creativity but also inspires others to explore the vast potential of Qt. Few of his recent whereabouts: Youtube video + LinkedIn Article"

Tasuku Suzuki: "Tasuku is a long-term (over 11 years) contributor to the Qt project. This year alone he provided over 100 patches to Qt and Qt Creator, for example the famous side-by-side Markdown viewer in Qt Creator. Also, he always keeps an eye on building Qt with several features disabled. This is easy to break and hard to check automatically, because there are some many features. The more valuable is his work for the whole community, especially everyone with restricted resources. Congratulations for this long-standing connection to the Qt project."

Congratulations to all Qt Champions 2023!
You'll be contacted in private regarding your rewards - our Qt commercial license and Qt kit.

After many nominations, Chris Kawa officially enters our hall of Lifetime Qt Champions!
Christian Ehrlicher and Axel Spoerl were also mentioned as two outstanding contributors to the Qt Community.

Also, thanks to our Lifetime Champions for overseeing this process, for you who has contributed with nominations, our moderators, and just everyone who is part of our Community.

I wish all of you health and a great year ahead!

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