A message regarding operations during the COVID-19 pandemic

Covid 19 email hero

We at the Qt company share the concern about the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that is currently affecting us all. I would like to take a moment just to reassure you that, despite the current global challenges, The Qt Company has taken proactive actions to ensure that all services will continue at our usual high-standards (without disruption) and that the well-being of our staff, customers and partners is being protected to the best of our abilities.

In regard to our employees and their families in particular, we have restricted travel and encouraged working from home. Qt employees are used to working remotely and with people all around the world. Despite the extraordinary circumstances, we are keeping operations running, and you can contact us through the regular channels and continue to rely on us to support you and your business. We hope the Qt ecosystem stays lively through this challenging period, keeping in touch through online channels.

Although we have had to cancel or postpone many face-to-face meetings and events, we are available through online meetings and have put additional effort into online resources and events.


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