Customer Portal: Now with case sharing ability

We have been promising new updates to the Customer Portal for some time now and most of the ones that have happened have been specific to a given area and not necessarily something that everyone would notice, in addition to the bug fixes that go on behind the scenes as well. Today however, is a different story as we have now implemented a feature that will be visible to anyone using the support part of the Customer Portal.

What we have added is the means to share cases with other people within your team, this will enable them to see any case that you have shared with them and also follow up on those cases too. Currently, it is only possible to share with other people that are connected to the same account and therefore are known to us in our system. This sharing is done by entering the email address(es) of those who should also be able to access the case when you create the case.

This will then show up in the "Shared Support Cases" section for those people in their own Customer Portal access.


We are still working on this feature, so there will be more elements to come in the future to make it easier to share and also to be able to share existing cases accordingly. Additionally, having an option to be able to have cases default to being shared to all contacts in an account or a specified group. Right now, there is no current ETA for when these elements will be available, but we are continually working on the Customer Portal to be able to meet your expectations and needs.

If you have feedback to give on this or any other element of the Customer Portal, then please feel free to do so by following the link here.