Frost & Sullivan Presents Qt with its Customer Value Leadership Award

On behalf of the entire Qt team, I’m excited to share that we have received Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Value Leadership Award in the ‘Global Automotive User Interface/User Experience Software’ category.


At the official award ceremony this week, Frost & Sullivan recognized our team for its overall performance, technological expertise and close customer collaboration, which enabled outstanding customer service for our partners and customers in the automotive UI/UX industry and beyond:

“Frost & Sullivan believes that The Qt Company has demonstrated a unique product leadership approach by expanding its portfolio’s reach and providing a unified software platform and has empowered automotive OEMs and tier 1 suppliers to focus on UX creation, while it builds the technology infrastructure.”

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How Qt helps automotive manufacturers create innovative products more efficiently

The easy-to-use interfaces of today’s smartphones have biased our expectations for every device, and consumers now expect their cars to perform as well as their mobile companion.

By enhancing the capability of vehicles – expanding from a mode of transportation to a sophisticated, connected machine – the automotive experience becomes more digitized with every new vehicle launch and model refresh. To support this evolution, automakers are including high-performance, digital interfaces in their vehicle line-ups, including digital instrument clusters, in-vehicle infotainment systems and head-up displays, and help consumers fully utilize the connected car capabilities.


The digital transformation of the automotive experience offers significant benefits to manufacturers and consumers alike, such as enhanced usability, reliability and safety. However, there are still some issues curbing widespread, commercial adoption:

  • Connected, data-driven devices require higher quality and quantity software codes and applications to function effectively. This not only increases development time but also cost, which discourages equipment manufacturers from commercially adopting connected platforms.
  • The industry is also challenged to deliver excellent user interfaces and customer experiences while maintaining costs and work to not complicate software creation.

To address these challenges – while making software development practices more efficient – we deliver a unified technology offering via Qt Automotive Suite, Qt Safe Renderer, and Qt Design Studio.

Our automotive suite provides OEMs with the flexibility to develop, customize and update software solutions, resulting in lower costs and faster overall time-to-market. Customer success stories include Mercedes-Benz, Koenigsegg, Tesla, Rimac, Ford and many more.

Read Frost & Sullivan's full report on Qt by clicking here.

Find the press release here.


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