Greetings from Campus: Qt Seminar at the University of Macedonia

University of Macedonia, located in Thessaloniki, Greece, hosted a Qt workshop and hackathon at the end of March. The university's Open Source team, Fakidis Georgios as the primus motor, organized the event.

Sponsored by the Qt Group and led by Tomaz Canabrava from Codethink, the week-long seminar attracted students from various backgrounds and skill levels eager to expand their knowledge in open-source software development.


Throughout the week, attendees participated in engaging workshops and hands-on coding sessions, where they delved into intermediate concepts in C++, learning to write efficient code, debug issues, and optimize performance. They also explored the Qt Library, discovering its capabilities for creating cross-platform applications with user-friendly interfaces. Additionally, the event enabled the participants to create new connections with fellow attendees, sharing insights, ideas, and experiences related to coding and open-source initiatives.


Participants Left the Seminar with a Sense of Enthusiasm for Developing with Qt

The participants were happy with the seminar and highlighted the value of learning Qt, as explained by Apostolis, a Research Associate at Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki:

“Throughout the seminar, I found C++ and Qt to be powerful and versatile tools. Qt’s flexibility allows developers to write applications at any level of abstraction, making it invaluable for open-source contributions. I’m excited to apply my newfound knowledge and skills, and I look forward to contributing to the vibrant open-source community, leveraging C++ and Qt to drive innovation and collaboration.”



As the seminar wrapped up, participants left with newfound skills and confidence in using C++ and the Qt Library for their development projects:

I truly valued the instructor’s approach in not only providing knowledge but also emphasizing the importance of Open Source. Additionally, I recognized Qt’s role in making C++ more accessible. The way Qt’s APIs resemble those of simpler languages really makes the learning curve more accommodating.It was a pleasure being part of the seminar, and I look forward to contributing to the open-source community in the future.”

Stavros, MSc in Applied Informatics at the University of Macedonia 


“I am learning C++ and Qt so I can work on it professionally. More specifically, I plan to write advanced solvers for problems like BIM (Building Information Modelling) and software for Computer-Aided Design.

Christos, Applied Informatics and Computer Science student from the University of Macedonia.


The week culminated with a hackathon on “Contributing to Open Source using Qt and C++.” This exciting event allowed attendees to apply their newly acquired skills in a collaborative setting, contributing to real-world open-source projects and making a meaningful impact on the community.


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