Introduction to QML Course Available in Chinese on Qt Academy


We are excited to announce that we have published the first course, Introduction to QML, in Chinese (Simplified) on Qt Academy. The course is available for those who choose Chinese simplified as their preferred language for course materials after logging into the Academy. Thanks to Rita Qian, Qt’s solutions engineer, for helping with the translation. 

The course is based on our original Introduction to QML course. The course text has been translated; however, in the code snippets, some English is used. The course videos have English audio and Chinese captions. The captions are not on by default but can easily be put on by selecting the cc button on the video and selecting the desired language. 

Other translations to come

We are working on releasing other course translations throughout the year. The translated courses will be visible to Qt Academy users based on their preferred language. To do this and to improve the overall learning experience, there will be a question of occupation, location, and preferred language of the courses next time you log in to Qt Academy. 

Do you have a great idea for a Qt Academy course? Check out our public roadmap and vote on the course ideas or suggest new ones. You can also leave your ideas about the courses we should translate next and in which language. 


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