KDAB Training Day - Berlin, November 27th, 2023


It is now less than 7 weeks to go until the KDAB Training Day takes place in Berlin at the H4 Hotel at Alexanderplatz. This year, the KDAB Training Day will happen one day before the annual Qt World Summit which makes it ideal to take part in both events!

At the KDAB Training day, you get to choose from the following topics:

  • What’s new in C++23 with Giuseppe D’Angelo
  • QML Application Architecture with Mike Krus
  • Profiling on Linux with Milian Wolff
  • Porting to Qt 6 with Nicolas Fella

And for the first time in collaboration with the Rust experts from Ferrous Systems:

  • A taste of Rust (with a drop of Qt) with Florian Gilcher

KDAB is well-known for its quality training courses around Qt/QML, Modern C++, Debugging and Profiling, OpenGL, and other topics relevant to Qt developers. All courses provided by KDAB at the Training Day include central parts of our regular 3- to 4-day courses that are available as scheduled training or customized on-site training.

Choosing a compact, learning-rich one-day course, lets you experience the quality and effectiveness of KDAB’s usual training offerings.

Note: Tickets include access to one training course, training material, lunch buffet, beverages, and coffee breaks. Tickets for Qt World Summit are sold separately here.

Ticket sales close on November 15th. Seats are limited so do not wait too long if you want to take part in a specific course.

Read more about each training and get your ticket here: https://www.kdab.com/kdab-training-day-2023/

We are looking forward to seeing you in Berlin!



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