KDE Akademy 2023: Our Qt Highlights

KDE Akademy 2023

Hey Qt!

This Summer, we were lucky enough to take part in the Akademy 2023!
Organised by KDE, their annual conference gathers developers and free open source enthusiasts from all over the world. This year, we met in Thessaloniki, Greece.


Plasma 6 is coming!
Plasma is a desktop environment developed by the KDE community; and guess what, Qt is used to build it.
At Akademy, Marco Martin and Niccolò Venerandi took the stage and showed us many of the new visual improvements we should expect to see in Plasma 6. We should expect to see its official release by the beginning of 2024.
Find out more about Plasma 6 here.

Did you know?
Many members of the KDE community play an intrinsec role in Qt development: they are likely to submit bug reports or patches. Also, KDE is the entrance door for many developers to our Qt technology; by starting to contribute to KDE projects, they sharpen their skills and contribute to Qt itself.


Summary of Qt Talks/Sessions:

  • Sponsor Lightning Talk (Pedro Bessa)
  • What has qmllint ever done for us? (Fabian Kosmale)
  • eLearning & Qt Academy (Emilia Valkonen-Damjanovic )
  • Porting Qt6 and KF6 (Fabian Kosmale)
  • Qt Design Studio, Introduction (Training by Nuno Pinheiro)
  • First Steps to a Qt Application (Training by Benson Muite)


We thank the KDE team for organization such a nice event, and we are already looking forward to next year!

Pedro Bessa