KDE + Qt Meetup Berlin: Aug 10th

Hey Qt!  

We are meeting this week in Berlin! 
Qt employees, Qt contributors, and KDE community members are getting together to discuss Qt-based Applications, how we can work better together, future projects and events. 

Event Details:

Date: Thursday, Aug 10th 2023 
Time: 18:30 
Location: Ksara Berlin 
RSVP: pedro.bessa@qt.io 

KDE is a free/libre open source software community of more than 2,700 volunteers who together develop a wide range of Qt-based software products for end users and developers. These products include KDE's flagship Plasma, a full-featured modern graphical desktop environment for Linux systems that aims to be easy to use but powerful in its configurability; more than 200 applications ranging from a digital painting program and video editor to developer IDEs and educational software; and frameworks and libraries based on Qt itself. 

Are you joining us? 
Please, write me a brief email at pedro.bessa@qt.io. 

Can’t make this time? 
No worries! We are planning this to be the first of many. 


See you on Thursday! 


Pedro Bessa 

Qt Community Relations Manager 

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