Where you can learn together - Qt Goes Virt. Seminars in 2020-2021

2020 has been a roller coaster. As everyone continues to navigate through these challenging times, the Qt team is excited to provide a space for like-minded peers to watch and ask questions. Gather around for 10 hours with the Qt product team, industry thought leaders and the Qt Ecosystem in your school of choice: Embedded, Desktop, and UI Design! 

Join the tech talks on Embedded, Desktop and UI Design in 2020-2021 for free with live Q&As!

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A sneak peek at the topics 

Embedded - November 18, 2020

    • Xvision Computer Vision Project, Not your Grandmother's Embedded Systems, From MPUs to MCUs, NXP i.MX RT 1170 Crossover MCUs - Ushering in the GHz Era of MCUs, Qt and Software Containers for Embedded Devices and more.    

Desktop - December 10, 2020

    • Qt 6 on the Desktop - ready for the next decade, Desktop Application with Qt - Native Styling and the future, The Possibility of Where, Developing for Accessibility and more. 

Design - January 21, 2021

    • UI Design Tools and Challenges in the Engineering World, What's New in Qt Design Studio & 2D Feature Tour, Qt 3D, User Experience Design for Global Consumer Brands and more.

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Whether or not an event experience with 2000+ people is better alone or with a group of people you know has no right answer. Either way, you'll get the ultimate pass as we carry out the creators of your favorite software tools to you for free! 

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Get Insights and chat with the participants like Microsoft, Tableau, ICS, NXP, Esri, Toradex, and more!


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