MCUs are now part of Qt Educational Licenses

We are happy to announce that Qt Educational Licenses support MCUs starting November 2023. This means that all the MCU tools are available for educational use with the Qt Edu for Developers License.  

Educational License is for students and instructors for educational purposes, that is, teaching, research, and development as part of educational instruction. 

Adults learning programming


With the Qt Educational License, you will receive access to full Python, C++ and JavaScript, HTML5, QML framework, and all MCU tools (only binaries). You can create applications and deploy them to Raspberry Pi-based devices and a selection of MCU boards from ST, NXP, and Renesas.
Please note that Qt for MCUs is currently supported on Linux and Windows machines
(macOS is not supported).

Small screens are everywhere

MCUs were added as part of the Educational Licenses in order to serve the needs of students and instructors better: based on the survey conducted in the spring, MCUs were highly requested to be added to Qt’s educational tool set. As over 27,000 students and educators have downloaded the Qt Educational License, there are quite a few who can now enrich their learning with the MCU tools.  

Learning Qt for MCUs is important as small screens are becoming increasingly popular: you can see them on bicycles, watches, and other small devices. And often, they run on MCU. 



How to get started? 

Visit the Qt Educational License for Students and Teachers page to get started with Educational Licenses. There, you can find more info about the license and step-by-step instructions on how to get the license. Was your educational institute not recognized automatically? You can request it to be added; just follow the guidelines on the site.

Are you intrigued but unsure how to get started with MCUs? Start by checking the course Getting Started: Qt for MCUs on Qt Academy. The course will provide you with an overview of what Qt for MCUs is and why to use it.  

Educational End User Agreement Updated 
Besides adding new tools to the Educational License, we have updated the Qt Educational End User License Agreement


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