New Community Manager, QtCS2022, and Upcoming Plans

I'm Pedro Bessa, and I am Qt's new Community Relations Manager. Nice to meet you!

Maybe you have seen me around already, but if not, let me briefly introduce myself.
It's been almost three months since I joined Qt, and throughout this time, I have been getting to know people and learning how things work around here.

The first thing I would like to mention is how unique and uplifting the members of the Qt Community are. You greeted me with a warm welcome from all sides, inside and outside the Qt Company. So thank you. You are not shy to approach me with suggestions, feedback, or a heads-up, and I appreciate all of that.

Speaking of Community members, our Qt Contributor Summit 2022 is happening very soon. The Qt Contributor Summit is an event open to anyone who has contributed to the Qt project or is willing to start doing it. Contributions include reporting bugs, helping users on the Forum or mailing lists, maintaining the wiki, writing documentation, and any other activity that helps move the Qt project forward.

When is our Summit? June 7-8, 2022

Where? Virtual Event - join from anywhere

For more information on our Event, please visit our wiki. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I am also spreading my energy to other areas. As I believe I should make my work as transparent as possible, below you can find a few of my other plans for this year:

  • Compiling and processing Community feedback

  • Assessing and Improving the Contributor Experience

  • Editing the qt-project website

  • Organising the Qt Champions

  • Organising more Community Events

  • Assessing the Communication Flow

One of my priorities is understanding the Contribution process and how I can make it easier for active members and beginners. That way, we can make sure we are attracting new interested individuals to contribute to our Open Source Community.

By the way, I am always on the outlook for Qt communities around the globe. So if you are part of any local, regional or virtual communities that revolve around Qt, drop me a message!

We have a great year ahead, filled with plans, and I am excited to see them come to life. I am happy to have joined The Qt Company but even more pleased to be the Qt Project's new Community Manager.

I hope to see you at our QtCs2022!

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