New Software Quality Assurance Tools, beyond Qt

We are excited to announce that with the acquisition of Axivion GmbH, we can now offer you even more support for your quality assurance needs, regardless if you develop your applications and GUIs with the Qt framework and tools, or another software development stack. 

Axivion webinar event page hero 240 170Since its inception, Axivion has been a next-gen technology leader in software architecture and static code analysis. In addition to classic static code analysis, which of course is commonly understood as a way to detect errors, it also checks standard coding guidelines such as MISRA, AUTOSAR C++14 and conventional code metrics. Moreover, the Axivion Suite has the capability of allowing you to check the compliance of your software architecture.

register for the webinarThere is an exceptional amount of functionality and features that we want to share with you, so we welcome you to join the Meet Axivion: Verify and Validate your Software Architecture with Axivion Suite webinar with details about what Axivion can provide you already today. Register now for the September 6th online webinar or to at least ensure you get access to the on-demand recording.

Meantime, check out Axivion’s customer success stories and references from Axivion users developing safety-critical applications in industries like medical as with Siemens Healthineers, aviation with Hensoldt, automotive with Apex.AI or industrial automation with Jungheinrich.


And @ the whole Axivion team - welcome to the Qt Group and our quality assurance team! 

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