Monthly subscriptions are back!

Thanks to your feedback, monthly subscription plans for Qt for Application Development, Qt Design Studio, and M2M Protocols packages are back on the Qt webshop

The new monthly subscription will cost

  • $395 or 355€ for Qt for Application Development
  • $99 or 89€ for the Qt Design Studio
  • $40 or 35€ for the M2M Protocols as an add-on.

These monthly subscriptions are ideal for you if you need the increased flexibility, don't like long-term contract commitments, or prefer to pay the subscription fees in smaller increments.

New payment method and currency

In terms of currency, we have added a EUR currency option to help you avoid possible exchange rate fluctuations. In addition to credit card payment, weve implemented an option to pay via SEPA or ACH transactions for customers located in the regions where those apply.

More to come

We’ll continue to enable you to help yourself in the future and keeping the purchasing process simple by adding more cool products, such as the recently acquired Quality Assurance products from froglogic, to the webshop.

Qt for Device Creation, Qt for MCUs, and Qt Automotive Suite licenses continue to be available via our sales channel. Please contact us for a quote. 

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