Open-source Downloads Working Again

Open-source downloads are working again. Users can install open-source versions of Qt framework and tools via the online installer or download the offline packages. 

Earlier this week our service provider for two important servers related to the open-source downloads had a severe hardware failure in their disk system causing a problem with open-source downloads of Qt. The problem has now been resolved and download systems are working again. Note that there are more than usual delays in using the system due to the load caused by ongoing restoring of other affected systems of the same service provider as well as the load caused by Qt users.

Commercial downloads were not affected by this problem because they use a separate distribution system hosted by a different service provider. 

Some users may have wondered why it took so long time to restore the open-source downloads? I can assure you that we provided the systems back online as quickly as possible. Due to the severity of the hardware failure it took a long time from the service provider to be able to re-create the virtual servers. It was only yesterday evening when we again had access to a disk system large enough for the release content. Transferring of the recent release content to the new server was complete this morning. It will take a bit more time to get the archive of older and historical releases restored.

If you encounter issues with the downloads, please try again later. If the issue persists, please file a bug report