Porting Qt Applications to Qt MCUs 1.0

Hi there, 

Last year, we ported a Qt Quick Application to Qt for MCUs 1.0. 
Foundation of this porting has been a demonstrator we had built together with the Qt Company. This demonstrator included the following Apps/Deployments: 

  • An Embedded UI on Linux showing step-by-step cooking of a cooking machine. 

  • A Desktop/Tablet UI on WebAssembly (or native MacOS/Win) to prepare your dishes of the week, create a shopping list and to supervise your nutrition. 

  • A Mobile Application on iOS and Android to do the same as above in a smaller form factor. 

We used the Qt Design Studio, Qt Creator and the Photoshop Bridge to componentize and reuse UI elements across all applications and leveraging one Qt Quick Unified Architecture. Runtime communication between those applications had been established with QtMqtt

We were then tasked to port the Embedded UI to Qt for MCUs 1.0. Since everything was ready, parallel work was possible. The only challenge was to make the porting happen and get it working on the MCU (STM32F769). Porting of the application to the MCU took us 4 weeks 


  • Read the corresponding whitepaper where we write about technical details
    Porting Qt Quick applications to Qt for MCUs


  • Watch the webinar and get insights from the experts that made this possible
    A Guide to porting Qt Quick applications to Microcontrollers using Qt for MCUs, EMEA / APAC - Feb 4, 2020


  • Watch the video of the overall project
    Verolt's HomeChef Qt app connects web, embedded, and mobile


With this it has been possible to leverage one brand identity from desktop, mobile, and embedded and even the smallest HMI form factor (MCUs) by using the same technology approach. This limits the need to skill the development teams on new technology. 
MCUs are great if you have large production volumes (limits the bill of material) but also when you have strong security needs, the devices are battery-powered and/or boot times need to be fast. 
If you’d like to see more, just reach out to us or visit us at Embedded World – we’ll be having a partner booth with The Qt Company.

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