QBSP for TechNexion boards added to downloads

In the past we have been talking about what is QBSP here: https://www.qt.io/blog/2018/12/14/board-support-package-commercial-build-enablers-qt-partners and from the official documentation here: https://doc.qt.io/QtForDeviceCreation/qtdc-qbsp.html

We are happy to announce that our Hardware Technology partner TechNexion has just released new Qt Board Support Packages (QBSP) for their hardware platforms. The QBSP's are now available also for TechNexion iMX8MQ and iMX8M-Mini boards for Qt 5.12 LTS and Linux hosts. You can find them through your Qt Account under account.qt.io/downloads.

Install QBSP

Value for TechNexion as hardware vendor: QBSP setup add a mechanism for our partners to create easy-to-install software images with all required Qt Creator configurations, tool chain, device evaluation image. This increase the user experience that Qt enthusiast are feeling using TechNexion hardware solution.

Value for Qt users: QBSP allows Qt developers a running start on the hardware with ability to deploy, debug and profile applications from first day of the project. Once downloaded, the QBSP package can be installed through Qt Maintenance tool.

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