Qt 5.13.1 Released - Many bugs have been crushed!

I am pleased to announce that Qt 5.13.1 is released today. As a patch release, Qt 5.13.1 does not add any new functionality but provides many bug fixes and other improvements.

Compared to Qt 5.13.0, the new Qt 5.13.1 contains around 500 bug fixes. For details of the most important changes, please check the Change files of Qt 5.13.1.

Note that as a long-term supported release Qt 5.12 LTS receives all the applicable bug fixes as well. We are working on the next patch level release, Qt 5.12.5, to be available in the coming weeks. So unless you need the new functionality provided by Qt 5.13 it is fine to stay using Qt 5.12 LTS and get the relevant bug fixes.

Qt 5.13.1 can be updated by using the online installer’s maintenance tool. For new installations, please download the latest online installer from the Qt Account portal or from the qt.io download page. Offline packages are available for commercial users via the Qt Account portal and at via the qt.io download page for open-source users.

Update to Qt for Python will be available soon after Qt 5.13.1 release so stay tuned...

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