Qt 5.14 Alpha Released

I am happy to inform that Qt 5.14 Alpha is released today. 

Qt 5.14 New Features page contains information about most important changes coming with the release. Please remember creating the list is still in progress so something important can still be missing. List should be completed by the time we are ready to release the first Beta in the coming weeks.

Please take a tour & test Qt 5.14 already now. Your feedback is valuable in making sure Qt 5.14 shapes up to be a great release. When testing Qt 5.14, please make sure to report all bugs you may encounter via the Qt bug reporting Jira.

Even though the official Alpha milestone is a source only release, we have the binaries also available already. So, you can download Qt 5.14 Alpha via the Qt online installer. Source packages are also available for commercial users in the Qt Account portal and in the download.qt.io for open-source users.