Qt 6.2 and Windows 11

Now that Windows 11 has been out for a few weeks, we have been busy verifying it against Qt 6.2 to reinforce our commitment to Windows as a key development OS used by the Qt developers. We are happy to say that we have not found major issues. A few minor UI details are being worked but nothing that would prevent using Windows 11 for development by the Qt developers. This also covers supporting Windows 11 as a cross-compilation target. We are, however, very interested in any feedback you might have regarding Qt Windows 11 support.

For that, we have the following Jira filter prepared:

If you add a label “Windows11” to your Jira ticket, it will become visible in this filter, helping us identify any further issues faster.

Our generic policy for new OS versions in older Qt releases is that we will fix issues in Qt 5.15 (LTS) but to be able to focus on providing cutting edge enhancements to developers, new functionality specific to Windows 11 is only supported in the latest Qt version, currently Qt 6. Hence, for instance, we will try to make Qt 6 applications behave as native as possible on Windows 11, whereas there may be some limitations for Qt 5.15 applications running on Windows 11. We will also be supporting Windows 10 for the foreseeable future.

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