Qt Academy Roadmap: Vote on courses and suggest new ones

Qt Academy, our free eLearning platform for learning Qt, is constantly evolving and growing. In this process, we hope to involve the community and people interested in learning Qt. Therefore, we have published the Qt Academy Roadmap, which showcases all the courses and learning paths in progress as well as the courses suggested.  

To truly get involved, you can vote on the courses you think are particularly important. This will help the Qt Academy team to prioritize the course creation process. You can also suggest new courses through this site. The Qt Academy Team will review the new ideas, and if accepted, they will be added to the Roadmap.

This is how it works 

1. Go to the Qt Academy Roadmap

2. Check out the content in the 'course ideas' and 'courses in progress' tabs.



3. Vote on the importance of the course or learning path by selecting it and choosing the importance from the scale: Not important, Optional, Useful, Essential. The vote will be registered after you confirm your email. 

Qt Academy roadmap_2


4. You can see the number of votes from the icon on the upper right corner of each course. 

Qt Academy roadmap_3


5. To submit a new course idea, select the 'Submit idea' button in the top-right. 

Qt Academy porta_4


6. Provide a topic and short description of the content you would like to see in a new Qt Academy course or learning path.

Qt Academy Roadmap_5


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