Qt Creator 4.13 released

We are happy to announce the release of Qt Creator 4.13 !


Qt Creator supports setting multiple shortcuts for the same action now. Do you ever mix up shortcuts because your second-favorite editor uses different ones than Qt Creator? Just open Preferences > Environment > Keyboard, find the action and press Add (as long as you do not introduce a conflict with another shortcut). Personally I added some Emacsey shortcuts for splitting and some other actions to my configuration. (Since I am on a Mac, Ctrl+X is free to use for me.)

If you wonder where some items from the Window menu went: We moved them to a new View menu, which seems to be common to have.


We updated LLVM for the C++ code model to LLVM 10, implicitly improving support for C++20 features. The code model also received many smaller fixes and improvements. Please refer to the change log for details.

Our client for the language server protocol now supports renaming symbols if the server supports it.

If you program in Python, you might find a new feature useful: The editor has a new tool button that allows you to open Python interactively, optionally importing the current file as a module, so you can directly start testing what you just wrote.

For QML we fixed some issues with Qt 5.15, and added support for required list properties.


Many thanks to Alexis Jeandet for adding initial support for the Meson build system!
Also many thanks to IncrediBuild for contributing their Qt Creator integration!
(You need to open Help > About Plugins (or Qt Creator > About Plugins on macOS) and enable these plugins before you can use them.)

We completely revamped the CMake support in Qt Creator. One of the biggest issues with CMake support was that Qt Creator had its own idea about the build configuration of a project, and that could conflict heavily with an existing build, or could cause problems if the configuration was changed on the command line later. In the new version, Qt Creator accepts an existing build configuration as the truth, no matter what for example the settings for CMake in the kit are. Qt Creator still reads the configuration, and provides an editor for it, but it will never complain about conflicts anymore. If you want to configure the build for a project from scratch, you have the option to pass any CMake variables that you like, pre-filled with the configuration from the kit. Note that Qt Creator now requires CMake 3.14 or later.

Our auto-test integration supports the Catch2 testing framework now.


QML debugging and profiling on Android works again, and we fixed issues with debugging on x86 and armv7 architectures and the emulator.

We fixed an issue that could lead to the debugger taking a very long time to start up on iOS devices.

Please have a look at our change log for an overview of all the other fixes and improvements that are included in Qt Creator 4.13.

Get Qt Creator 4.13

The opensource version is available on the Qt download page under "Qt Creator", and you find commercially licensed packages on the Qt Account Portal. Qt Creator 4.13 is also available as an update in the online installer. Please post issues in our bug tracker. You can also find us on IRC on #qt-creator on chat.freenode.net, and on the Qt Creator mailing list.

You can read the Qt Creator Manual in Qt Creator in the Help mode or access it online in the Qt documentation portal.

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