Qt for Android Automotive 6.3.0 released

We are happy to announce that Qt for Android Automotive (Qt AA) 6.3 has been released.


Qt for Android Automotive is no exception to the high-quality bar we set ourselves for our solutions. We are constantly extending and improving our tests for all of our submodules. Please check the Qt AA 6.3 changelog for details.

Moreover, Qt AA is now based on Qt 6.3, fixing 1750 bugs (150 for Android).

New Qt Android Activity View module

In Qt AA 6.3, we’re adding a new module, Qt Android Activity View. This module allows you to embed external activities into your Qt application. This solution is available in both C++ and QML.

The Qt Activity View component can be freely resized and moved. This allows you to create complex and dynamic user interfaces easily.






What’s next?

Qt AA continues to be more mature, and the 6.3 release takes us closer to the next LTS release for the Qt AA 6 series, Qt AA 6.5.

We will continue improving the quality of our current solution. Still, at the same time, we are exploring and implementing new features and tools that are relevant to your Android Automotive solutions. We are happy to hear about your use cases.

Get Qt AA 6.3

Holders of a valid commercial license can update to Qt for Android Automotive 6.3 using the Maintenance Tool, located at the root of your Qt installation directory. If you're looking to try Qt AA for the first time, click here.

 We hope you enjoy the new features and improvements. We would love to hear your feedback and feature requests in the comments or contact Qt Support!


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