Qt for Automation changed to Qt M2M Protocols

Hello there!

We have changed our Qt for Automation product name to Qt M2M Protocols to better describe the product offering. While it is still possible to use great Qt modules, such as Qt Virtual keyboard or Qt Serial bus in automation industry, the product itself consists of a collection of commonly used machine-to-machine protocols:

  • MQTT - a lightweight publish-subscriber protocol, fulfilling high security standards

  • OPC UA - an API for OPC UA, a protocol for data modelling and data exchange

  • CoAP - a M2M web transfer protocol for used with constrained nodes and network in IoT 

  • KNX - a worldwide standard for applications in home and building control

Qt M2M Protocols is now automatically included for free to every new Qt Device Creation subscription. The additional distribution license price has been removed as well. 

Qt Application Development license holders can buy Qt M2M Protocols separately. 

The open source licensing of the individual modules stay unchanged. 


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