Qt for MCUs 1.3 released

Qt for MCUs 1.3 is now available in the Qt installer. Download it to get the latest improvements and create stunning GUIs with the newly available timeline animation system.

Since the initial release of Qt for MCUs 1.0 back in December last year, we've been hard at work to bring new features to MCUs with the 1.1 and 1.2 releases. Efforts haven't slowed down and it's already time to bring you another batch of improvements. Besides the new features, One of the goals has been to make Qt Quick Ultralite a true subset of Qt Quick and align their QML APIs to ensure both code and skills can be reused from traditional Qt platforms to microcontrollers. With Qt for MCUs 1.3, QML code written for Qt Quick Ultralite is now source-compatible with Qt 5.15 LTS.

If you haven't tried Qt for MCUs yet, you can request an evaluation here. Go to the "Try Qt" section and select microcontrollers as target embedded device hardware.

What's new

If you'd rather go straight to the changelog for details on what has changed, you can find it here. Otherwise, here's a summary of the main new features:

  • Qt Quick Timeline support has been added, you can now use Qt's powerful keyframe-based animation system on MCUs. The Timeline feature of Qt Design Studio can be used to quickly and easily design the animations and generate code.

  • The transform property was so far the only way to apply transformations to QML items. You can now also use the more convenient scale, rotation and transformOrigin properties to achieve the same effect.

  • To fully enable reusing Qt Quick Ultralite QML code on non-MCU platforms, we introduce the QtQuickUltralite.Extras module for Qt, which exposes the ColorizedImage and StaticText QML types to regular Qt applications. Note that StaticText is implemented as a simple Text when used with Qt Quick. It does not pre-render the text as done in Qt Quick Ultralite.

  • A new function has been added to simplify the creation of QML modules

  • One new board supported out-of-the-box: NXP i.MX RT1060 EVK

  • Compatible MCU packages from NXP and ST can now be downloaded straight from the Qt Installer

As with every new version, multiple bugs have been fixed. See the changelog linked above for details.

Note that if you are using the Qt Creator IDE, you must update it to the 4.12.4 version (released today) to be able to use the pre-made MCU kits. 

Getting support

To get support from our engineers, report a bug, or request a new feature, please submit a ticket in the Support Center.

You can also use the new Qt for MCUs public forum to exchange ideas, tips, and tricks with other Qt users.

Finally, to learn directly from one of our MCU experts and get up to speed with Qt for MCUs in no time, you can join one of the future sessions of the Qt for MCUs 101 online course. Get in touch with us here for more information.

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