Qt Insight 1.2 Released

We are happy to announce a Qt Insight 1.2 release.

Funnelling is the main new feature in Qt Insight 1.2. Funnels are paths that users are considered to follow when using applications. For example, in application onboarding or when conducting a certain transaction. Funnels are a combination of screens and interactions users are expected to conduct in a certain order within a certain time.

Funnels are used to track and analyze user paths, identify bottlenecks and drop-offs, improve conversions, and optimize the user experience. 

In Qt Insight, it is easy to pick up the events or screens in the user path and set a time limit during which users must complete the funnel. This will give valuable information if the users are able to use the steps in the expected way and in the expected time duration. 

Our imaginary coffee machine data below shows that almost all the users have started the funnel to brew coffee. Almost 50% have selected espresso, but only 12% have actually proceeded to insert a cup. Maybe there is something to improve to insert the cup into the machine. 


Another big addition to Qt Insight Web Console in the 1.2 release is the dark mode.  Now the user of the console has the possibility to choose the dark mode in addition to the light mode. 




Qt Insight is an application analytics solution that provides real insights into how people use your application or device. It was created to shed light on an application’s or device’s performance, usage, and user data that may not be otherwise attainable.

Try Qt Insight yourself!

Anyone can try Qt Insight for free for 60 days. It is available for both open source and commercial users. Please use the Qt Insight Getting Started link to start your own journey into Qt Insight.


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