Qt Installer Framework and Qt Online Installer 4.5.2 Released

We are happy to announce the release of Qt Installer Framework and Qt Online Installer 4.5.2 today. 

The release contains several bug fixes.

  • The OpenSSL version was updated to 1.1.1s in prebuilt binaries. The earlier OpenSSL version contains security vulnerabilities. 
  • Maintenance Tool Search functionality froze the GUI for several seconds, when the first character was added. This is now fixed QTIFW-2886. 
  • In Qt Creator, there is a notification about new updates, but the user could not actually update anything, as the Next button was disabled. This bug was caused by non-checkable buttons, which could not be checked (obviously). This affected also forced installation components QTIFW-2855.
  • In Windows, we removed the requirement to have an Internet connection, when uninstalling Qt QTIFW-2859.
  • Customers, who want to be compliant with the license terms and conditions, have found it challenging to find, if the Qt installation is open source or commercial. We have added a licenseInfo.txt file to the Qt installation folder to easily check the installation type QTIFW-2676


Please look at the complete list of changes in Changelog.

Where to get the IFW and the installer?

Precompiled binaries for the Installer Framework can be downloaded from Qt Online Installer, sources and binaries can be found also on the Qt Download page (open source) or in Qt Customer Portal for commercial users. The latest documentation can also be found online.

The new installer is available in Qt Downloads and  Qt Customer Portal for commercial users. Maintenance Tool is updated using the existing installation(s) Maintenance Tool.


We would like to thank everyone, who has contributed this release in terms of filing and commenting bugs, and the RnD team, who has fixed the bugs. 




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