Qt Journey: Mari Heusala's Contribution to HR Excellence

In this series, we'll be bringing you a variety of career stories from people working at and with Qt. Today we bring you Mari Heusala, Senior Vice President of People and Culture (Human Resources) at Qt Group.


Mari Heusala, SVP of People and Culture


In the fast-paced world of technology, leadership plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and fostering growth within organizations. One such remarkable leader is Mari Heusala, the Senior Vice President of People and Culture (Human Resources) at Qt Group. Although Mari has been with Qt for a little over a year, her over 20 years of experience in the tech industry, strong leadership skills, and unique career path have already made an impact on the success and growth of Qt Group.

To understand how her leadership and experience have added to the company's growth, let's delve deeper into her background and experience.


A Passion for Tech Companies and Multicultural Collaboration

Mari's passion for technology companies is evident in her choice of career. She admires tech companies for their dynamic environments, filled with uncertainties and growth opportunities. Her belief in the future and the potential of these companies drives her commitment to being part of their success stories. What particularly draws her to the tech industry is the multinational aspect, where individuals from diverse nationalities come together to innovate and create.

This global perspective and her dedication to fostering collaboration across borders continue to undoubtedly contribute to Qt Group's growth. In an industry where diversity and cross-cultural understanding are key, Mari's leadership helps the company thrive on a global scale.


Embracing Change and Innovation

Mari's extensive experience in the tech sector has equipped her with a deep understanding of the industry's ever-evolving nature. She sees change not as a challenge but as a positive opportunity. Her ability to adapt and inspire agility, speed, and growth within the organization is invaluable.


“I view change as a positive opportunity, and I am inspired by our need as leaders in the tech industry for agility, speed, growth, and conquering an ever-changing environment.”


This willingness to embrace change is a driving force behind Qt Group's ability to stay ahead in the tech industry. As a leader, Mari encourages her team to take calculated risks, knowing that mistakes can lead to innovative ideas. Her openness to different approaches fosters an environment of continuous improvement, propelling the company forward – especially when looking to hire the next talents.


Wisdom for Aspiring Leaders

When asked about advice for people aspiring to become better leaders, Mari emphasizes the importance of authenticity and core values. Being genuine, honest, and staying true to oneself are the foundations of her leadership style. These qualities make her approachable and help build strong relationships, a crucial aspect of leadership. Additionally, Mari encourages aspiring leaders not to fear making mistakes, as they can lead to valuable insights.


Staying Motivated and Inspiring Dedication

Mari acknowledges that the future is always uncertain, but she firmly believes in the role that dedication and motivation play in shaping that future. She emphasizes that success in her eyes depends on the actions, efforts, and ability to recruit and support the right people. Her unwavering commitment to driving Qt Group forward keeps her motivated and inspires those around her.


Reflections of Her Own Growth Journey

Reflecting on her career, Mari recalls one of her first managers at Nokia who had a profound impact on her. This manager's trusting leadership style and support allowed Mari to grow and develop. The experience taught her the value of providing space to her team while offering guidance when needed. Today, she tailors her leadership style to the individual members of her team, ensuring that they feel proud of their contributions to the company's success.


“It's important to me that my team feels proud of the work they do and that they have contributed to the company's success. I want them to look back and realize that we were able to achieve success because we worked together as a team.”


A Unique Career Path

One intriguing aspect of Mari's career is her unconventional start. She didn't begin in human resources but worked as a consultant for a major American company. Her role involved coordinating counter-trade deals for the F-18 military aircraft. This unique and highly political role provided her with invaluable skills in project management, sales, and working with diverse teams.

Even when her career took unexpected turns, Mari embraced each experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. Her journey to becoming a people professional was not planned, but it has been a rewarding one. It's a testament to her adaptability and resilience.

In conclusion, Mari Heusala's strong leadership and extensive experience in the tech industry have been instrumental in Qt Group's growth and success. Her passion for technology, commitment to diversity, and willingness to embrace change make her a formidable leader. Aspiring leaders can draw inspiration from her authentic leadership style and dedication to making a difference in the world of tech. With leaders like Mari Heusala at the helm, the future of Qt Group looks promising, as it continues to thrive and innovate in the competitive tech landscape.


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