Qt Meetups: Vienna, Szczecin and Athens

Qt Meetups Vienna, Szczecin and Athens

Hey Qt!

If you are looking to connect with like-minded developers, learn from experts and discover the latest Qt trends, I have good news for you!

We are happy to sponsor local meetups, organised by local enthusiasts, spreading the Qt-word around the globe and reaching local communities.

Upcoming Qt Meetups

Qt Meetup Vienna

  • Date: Thursday, Sep 28th 2023
  • Location: FELGO Office
  • Organiser: FELGO

TaskTree: Generic Solution for Automatic Management of Asynchronous Tasks
by Jaroslaw Kobus (Qt Group)
Seamless Qt Integration with Native Android & iOS Apps
by Günther Teufl (Felgo)
Porting a feature-rich UI to Qt for WebAssembly
by Bit Factory
High Performance Qt/C++
by Bernhard Trinnes
Latest Trends and Developments in the World of Embedded HMI
by Philip Privalov (Candera)
For more information on the Qt Meetup Vienna click here

Qt Meetup Szczecin

  • Date: Wednesday, Oct 18th 2023
  • Location: Spyrosoft Office
  • Organiser: Spyrosoft

Insights about Spyrosoft Synergy and Qt's future direction
Design with Qt
Focusing on the design aspect, featuring Qt Design Studio
Test with Qt
A testing-oriented stream covering tools like Squish
Develop with Qt
A session catering to developers, with a focus on Qt itself
Embedded with Qt
A developer-centric stream exploring Qt for MCUs
Qt for Beginners
Perfect for students and newcomers (stream held in Polish)

For more information on the Qt Meetup Szczecin click here

Qt Meetup Athens

  • Date: Friday, Nov 24th 2023
  • Location: Impact Hub Athens
  • Organiser: Extenly
    More information will follow soon

Are you a Qt enthusiast?
Would you like to see your local Qt community flourish?
Planning to host local meetups?
Then make sure to check out blog post on sponsorships!

If you are organizing a Qt-focused meetup or event and would like to be considered for sponsorship, please get in touch with me directly at pedro.bessa@qt.io.
In your email, kindly provide all the relevant details about your event, including:

  • Event name, location, and date
  • Event description
  • Agenda
  • Expected number of attendees
  • Budget breakdown
  • Contact information

We hope to see and we are happy to sponsor many other local meetups around the world!


Pedro Bessa
Qt Community Relations Manager

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