Join the increasing group of Qt Installer 4.0 beta testers

We are about a month away from the Qt Online Installer 4.0 final release. We call Qt developers to test the beta release, published today. 

After several months of heavy work, we are almost ready to release Qt Online Installer and Maintenance Tool 4.0. Since the alpha release, several improvements have been implemented to Installer.

  • Performance: Meta-data download performance improvements work in both open-source and commercial installation in macOS now. 
  • Developer experience: Default installation description tells explicitly to the user, what is installed. The user does not have to make any assumptions. The custom installation option is enabled by default, as we believe majority of users want to pick up the installed components. 
  • GUI: The sidebar, showing the installation phase, can be scrolled, if the content exceeds the available space. The slide show visible during the component download and installation keeps the image aspect ratio. 
  • CLI: Known identifiers and values for --auto-answer option are now listed in Qt Installer 4.x. Listing or uninstalling components do not require signing in. 
  • Installer documentation has been updated to version 4.0.
installer 4.0 - default Installer 4.0 - aspect

In addition to Installer, there has been progress to get Qt additional libraries via the package manager and build them from sources. There will be another blog post about this work. 

How to start using the new installer? 

Please download the latest installer from Qt Downloads and start testing. The new installer uses the same production package repositories as Installer 3.x, so it is possible to make exactly same kind of an installation. 

We look forward to receiving feedback and comments from all beta testers. Please submit bugs and features suggestions using the links below:

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