Qt Online Installer and Installer Framework 4.4.0 released

Qt Online Installer and Installer Framework 4.4.0 were released today.

The most important new features were described in our previous beta release blog post.

Since the beta release, we have updated new string translations for Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

Moving to a 64-bit installer caused issues reading Windows registry values properly. This is now fixed. 

An installer crash, when replacing already installed virtual components, is fixed.

Please read the Changelog for a complete list of changes.  

How to update?

You can update an existing installation with Qt Maintenance Tool by selecting "Update Components". The new online installer is available in Qt Downloads. Commercial users may download the installer from the Qt Account portal as well. 

 Precompiled binaries for the Installer Framework can be downloaded from Qt Online Installer. Sources and binaries are also available on the Qt Download page.

 Similarly to the installer, commercial users can download the installer framework sources and binaries from Qt Account.

The latest documentation can also be found online.

Lots of thanks to everyone, who have contributed to this release. 


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