Qt Project: Top Contributors of 2022!

So, 2022 was a successful year for Qt - and we highlight the Qt 6.3 and Qt 6.4 releases, Qt World Summit, and Qt Contributor Summit.

And our community members keep up with the activity by writing diligent bug reports, contributing patches, giving technical advice, or helping out other users in forums and mailing lists.

Our sincere Thank You! - you are an integral part of what makes Qt so great!

We have previously shared with you our Qt champions 2022 blog post. Congratulations to you once again, and we hope you enjoy your prizes!

And talking about the Qt Project and open source code, it is time to talk about those contributing to the code itself.

As a transparent process, you can check out the number of contributions, who is contributing, and our top contributors.
But no need to, as I have summarised it all here for your convenience:

Qt Project Contributions - Overview

Overall Contributions: 17869

External contributions: 2236
External contributors: 207

That means that external contributors submitted roughly 12% of all commits!
Two hundred seven individual e-mail addresses created the 2,236 commits. 

Top External Contributors

So, here are the top ten contributors to git repositories in 2022 who are not employees of The Qt Company by number of patches:

External contributors to Qt & Qt Creator
Number of patches in 2022
Thiago Macieira
Juha Vuolle
Giuseppe D'Angelo
Thibaut Cuvelier
Yuhang Zhao
Orgad Shaneh
Lorn Potter
Ahmad Samir
Peter Varga


Look attentively and you'll see some names are the same as last year! And some are new to this list.
We are glad to see how some people stick around, and that others join us!

Those on the list above have received a small gift from us - please check your email inbox!

New Contributors

For any open source project, it is key to have new contributors. They provide a fresh view of what (and how!) things can be improved, and also come to occupy the space left by those developers who are now retiring.
So how many new contributors? There were 77 of them! You all have also been rewarded.
Let's keep improving Qt together!

And last but not least, we need to express our gratitude towards companies and organisations that are committed to The Qt Project and the open source values of transparency and collaboration. Qt is powered by an amazing ecosystem of individuals, organisations, companies and communities across the globe.

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