Qt Project: Top Contributors of 2023!

Qt Project Top Contributors 2023

So, 2023 was a successful year for Qt - and we highlight the Qt 6.5 and Qt 6.6 releases, Qt World Summit, and Qt Contributor Summit.

Our community stays vibrant and engaged with the Qt Project through our forums, mailings lists, asking and answering questions, offering technical advice, reporting bugs, contributing patches, and in many other forms helping Qt flourish.

Our sincere Thank You! - you are the reason why Qt is so great!

We also take the opportunity to once again thank our  Qt champions 2023!

Next, let's talk about the Qt Project and code contributions.
So let's check some of our numbers for 2023:

Qt Project Contributions - Overview

Overall Contributions: 14489

External contributions: 2572
External contributors: 184

That means that external contributors submitted roughly 17% of all commits!
Two hundred seven individual e-mail addresses created the 2,236 commits. 

Top External Contributors

Without further ado, here are the top ten contributors* to git repositories in 2023 by number of patches:
(who are not employees of The Qt Group)*

External contributors to Qt & Qt Creator
Number of patches in 2022
Thiago Macieira
Ahmad Samir
Christian Ehrlicher
Anton Kudryavtsev
Vladimir Belyavsky
Tasuku Suzuki
Giuseppe D'angelo
Peter Varga
Lorn Potter
Jannis Völker


Impressive numbers by impressing people!

Those on the list above should expect a small token of appreciation from us - please check your email inbox!

New Contributors

We welcomed 75 new contributors in the year of 2023!
Even though they were new to the Qt Project, they were responsible for 346 commits.
Let's keep improving Qt together!

And last but not least, we need to express our gratitude towards companies and organisations that are committed to The Qt Project and the open source values of transparency and collaboration.

Last year for example, we celebrated 25 years of the KDE Free Qt Foundation, and we are grateful to having  KDE as a great partner in our Qt history.

Qt is powered by a thriving ecosystem of individuals, organisations, companies and communities across the globe.

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