Qt World Summit 2021 – registration now open!

Join online as the community meets on November 3. Qt World Summit gathers together more than 5 000 developers, designers, managers and executives from over 90 countries around the world.

Qt World Summit 2021

  • a free online event
  • on November 3
  • from 9 AM to 4 PM CET and CDT 

During the day we will hear the latest developments on Qt technology, tools and features. Chief Architect at Qt, Lars Knoll, will walk us through of the features of Qt 6.2 and what we can expect for the future. We’ll hear from Qt customers, partners and experts within the community. You will meet like-minded peers and quickly expand your circle with new connections.


What can we expect – the agenda

Keynotes. The morning keynotes offer first-hand insight on Qt 6.2 framework and beyond as well as exceptionally wide range of Qt applications in different industries, shared by leading companies.

Track 1: Platform. The track offers insights of how Qt’s cross-platformness eases the life of the application developer. We will hear, for example, about the new Multimedia in Qt 6.2 and how Python can boost projects under the Qt framework and learn to add data encryption and new property bindings.

Track 2: User Interface. The UI track focuses on the traditional beauty of Qt. Whether you wield widgets by writing C++ or have fallen in love with declaring your Qt Quick UIs with QML, here we will show you how you can make your UI shine brighter and faster with new features and technologies from the future.

Track 3: Graphics. The graphics track doesn't only give you walkthroughs on how you to put that extra bit of *bling* into your HMI, we also explain how all those pretty pixels get to the screen in the first place. Spread visual joy with your apps with the power of modern graphics!

Track 4: Tools. Productivity matters. This is not only a concern of your boss; most importantly, this is an essential element of your creativity. In this track you’ll hear tips on improving productivity with tools such as Qt Widgets, how to create automated Qt GUI testing as well as Qt Creator plugins – and much more-



The event is made possible by the support from our sponsors:

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