Qt World Summit App 2019 – Open Source & Live Now!

The Qt World Summit 2019 in Berlin is around the corner: it will take place from November 4th - 6th in bcc, the Berlin Congress Center right at Alexanderplatz. The Qt World Summit is the biggest Qt conference of the year and a great way to connect with other Qt developers to share experiences and learnings. And to get the latest news about state-of-the-art Qt development, best practices and the upcoming Qt roadmap.

A great conference like this deserves a great conference app. That’s why we built one, powered by Qt!

You can now download the app for iOS & Android here:

App Store




The conference app was built with Qt / QML and the FELGO framework, which extends Qt with 200+ additional APIs and tools like hot reloading, for faster development time for Mobile, Desktop, Embedded and Web. The app is optimized for a native user experience and adapts automatically on phones and tablets, with just a single code base:



Qt World Summit App Highlights

The conference app allows you to:

  • Browse the QtWS 2019 conference schedule.
  • See detailed information for all talks and speakers.
  • Manage your personal agenda by adding talks to your favorites.
  • Connect with other conference participants, chat & schedule meetings.
  • Get notified of upcoming favorited sessions with push notifications.
  • Full-text search of all speakers & talks.
  • Auto-cache the conference data & images locally - the app also works offline.
  • Gamification elements (a leaderboard) award you for starting the app and for favoring and rating of talks.
  • Customize the UI and switch between different native styles and colors.
  • Synchronize your agenda across multiple devices & platforms: simply connect your Facebook account in the app and your agenda is automatically synced between smartphones & tablets on both iOS & Android.
  • Rate talks after they are over to help The Qt Company choose the best speakers and most demanded topics in the upcoming years.

Get the Open Source Conference App

Best of all, we’ve made this app open-source on Github so you can use it as a starting point for your own app. Or re-use the code to create your own mobile app.

Get the Conference App Source Code on GitHub

Side note: we will show some of the techniques and tips on how we developed this app and how you can too in these 2 sessions at the Qt World Summit:

Meanwhile, have fun creating your personal agenda for the conference and we’re looking forward to a great Qt World Summit!

If you did not register for the conference, you can register here.

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