Qt for Python 5.15.1 Released!

We are happy to announce that 5.15.1 is finally out!

On this release, we managed to fix some old bugs like adding __ne__ and __eq__ operators by default to every PySide type, and improve the compatibility that we had with Nuitka, a Python compiler. Still there are some corner cases that needs to be improved, but we are looking forward to being fully compatible. Additionally, there were some corner cases regarding our threading story that are now solved.

To improve our QML interaction, we now have a new type, QEnum, which can be used as a decorator for Qt objects and Python Enum-based classes, this was required for some changes that will be available in Qt for Python 6.0, so stay tuned!

There were a couple of missing bindings that somehow, we didn’t catch before, and we also include a new tutorial on widget styling, and a couple of new examples around regular expressions and custom C++ widgets with Shiboken.

From the features planned for Qt 6.0, we wanted to go ahead and incorporate one of those for 5.15 Python users, and that’s why we made an exception and we are including in this release the first __feature__ functionality, snake_case.  This will enable you to use snake_case functions for all the Qt API, for example label.set_text(“...”), instead of label.setText(“...”).
You can check one of our previous tutorials, and see how the code looks like with this feature on the Expenses tutorial.

Additionally, some issues regarding C++ language support that manifested in Qt 6.0 were fixed in shiboken.

We are focusing most of our efforts into the next major release but we will keep an eye on JIRA to see if you find any issue with the 5.15.1 release.

For more details on the release, check all the changes included here: https://code.qt.io/cgit/pyside/pyside-setup.git/tree/dist/changes-5.15.1?h=5.15

We appreciate the external contributions we have been getting 🎉 and we encourage you to drop by our many community platforms, to get involve in the Qt for Python development!

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