#QtWS20 Rock Star Speakers, Super Early Birds & Training

Great things are happening in 2020 including the release of Qt 6 and a whole new decade of innovations to come.

We are very thrilled to announce the Rock Star speakers at Qt World Summit 2020 who will share the vision in software development and how to create successful UI/UX in 2020 and beyond: 

  • Lars Knoll, Chief Maintainer of Qt Project
  • Herb Sutter, Leading C++ authority and chair of the ISO C++ standards committee
  • Joe Nuxoll,   Design Director of Digital Products & Experience, Polaris
  • Euan Cameron, CTO of Esri
  • Matthew Hungerford, UX Team Lead at Chargepoint
  • Patrick Lorton, CTO & SVP at Schrödinger
  • Kris Dickie, R&D Team Lead, Clarius Mobile

Stay tuned for more great speakers! 

Super early bird tickets are available now for only $470 for 2 conference days and $695 for 3 days including training day and 2 conference days. It is a fraction of what our typical training courses costs so be sure to check out all the training courses which are also further down below.

Super early bird sales ends on Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

Discover the future of software development, unifying 2D and 3D in Qt Quick, the new Qt graphics stack, performance optimization, developing for WebAssembly, microcontrollers and much much more. 

Advance your technical skill

Pre-Conference Training is a full day class offered on Tuesday, May 12, and includes lectures, hands-on training, and practical in-depth software development tactics by certified Qt training services. Classes range from introductory level to more advanced levels: 

  • User Experience Design for Embedded Devices 
  • Hands-on Qt on Raspberry Pi 
  • QML Programming — Fundamentals and Beyond  
  • Advanced QML 
  • Multi-threading 
  • Debugging & Profiling for Linux 
  • Introduction to Qt 3D
  • Microcontroller Programming with Qt for MCUs 
  • Get Started with Qt Design Studio  
  • Qt GUI Testing with Squish 

Find the full description of the technical training on the Pre-Conference Training page.

Relentless improvements have been made in Qt and we thank our partners for the value-added services, features and functionality that help our ecosystem thrive. This year's technical training will be provided by ICS, KDAB, froglogic, and Qt Professional Services. 

Mingle with the Qt Experts at Qt World Summit

We invite designers, developers, technology managers and industry experts to learn how to advance the developer experience, user experience, and customer experience of their software technology projects.   

Lars Knoll at Qt World Summit

Need to convince your boss of why you need to attend? Use the justification letter to see what you and the team will take away from the conference.

Qt World Summit 2020 | May 12-14, Palm Springs, CA, USA

Developer experience. User Experience. Customer Experience. 

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