Axivion Suite 7.6: Easy set-up, easy use

We are pleased to announce the release of Axivion Suite 7.6 for Static Code Analysis and Architecture Verification.

Now that Axivion is part of the Qt Group, our products are also being developed further to work within the Qt product world: Qt customers will appreciate that the latest release Axivion Suite 7.6 now supports the integration of Qt-specific rules amongst others from the clazy compiler plugin and AUTOSAR. With the new release, the Axivion Suite also integrates the qmllint QML analysis tool.

But of course, the Axivion Static Code Analysis and Axivion Architecture Verification tools are also the ideal solution for projects, which do not use the Qt offering. Here are some of the highlights of the new release:

Up to date with MISRA C:2012 AMD3

The Axivion Suite contains a MISRA checker which covers almost 100% of all automatically testable MISRA rules. To keep up with the latest standards, release 7.6 adds automated checks for the MISRA C:2012 Amendment 3 and most of the MISRA C:2023 rules and directives.

Simplified setup for distributed teams

One of the biggest benefits of the new release 7.6 is the simplified set-up. In the past, collaborating distributed teams needed a centralized database access for filesharing, but now Axivion Suite is even easier to use in customer specific CI/CD environments: The latest release 7.6 offers an alternative mode where only the web server accesses the database location, and the analysis side uses upload/download to web server.

User-friendly interfaces

Ease-of-use to speed up the testing and development process is a priority for software development projects and the new release does just that: the setup GUI allows searching in option names and with regular expressions. In addition, the Web UI supports local time zones as well as the im- and export of portal configurations and also allows caching to accelerate Web UI visualisations. These are just a few of the improvements which come in very handy.

For more information about the Axivion Static Code Analysis and Axivion Architecture Verification, please visit our website.