Explore Axivion Suite 7.7: Up to 100% MISRA C/C++ coverage and more

We are pleased to announce the release of Axivion Suite 7.7 for Static Code Analysis and Architecture Verification.

For almost two decades, Axivion Suite has been providing embedded developers with efficient and powerful static code analysis and architecture verification tools, dedicated to ensuring the long-term quality of software. As part of the Qt Group’s Quality Assurance offering, Axivion Suite continues to address the developers’ technical needs, while streamlining and accelerating their overall development and test workflows.

This is why the key features of the latest Axivion Suite 7.7 release are all about safety and security, user-friendliness, and extended compatibility:

100% coverage for MISRA C:2023

The MISRA (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association) standard provides coding standards and guidelines that help ensure the safety, reliability, and quality of software. While its focus is on automotive, its principles can also be applied to other safety-critical industries where software plays a vital role, such as medical devices, aerospace, or industrial automation. In early 2023, the most recent MISRA C:2012 Amendment 4 (MISRA C:2012 AMD4) was released, being the last in a row of amendments addressing the language editions C11 and C18.

With the latest release, Axivion Suite’s MISRA checker now offers comprehensive support for the MISRA C:2012 and MISRA C:2023 standards, including all associated amendments. As a result, Axivion Suite 7.7 covers 100% of all automatically testable MISRA C rules and directives. This enables developers to adhere to the most important coding guidelines, particularly for safety-relevant embedded applications, and to prevent software-related failures that can lead to accidents or malfunctions.

Already available: MISRA C++:2023

For MISRA C++:2023, which was just released a few days ago, Axivion Suite already covers the majority of rules. The tool suite will expand its support for the new MISRA C++ standard to achieve complete coverage of all automatically testable rules.

Single-file analysis for CLion Plugin

Axivion Suite is renowned for its extensive support of various IDE plugins, including the CLion Plugin. The recent release 7.7 introduces support for single-file analysis within the CLion Plugin, bringing it to feature parity with other IDE plugins. This enhancement includes dashboard components and local build support, aligning it with the capabilities of the tool suite.

Latest parser updates

Regarding compiler support, Axivion Suite has expanded its capabilities by incorporating the latest EDG C/C++ parser frontend. This ensures compatibility with the most recent compiler versions, such as the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 13.1, and enhances the frontend’s ability to better understand new language versions. Furthermore, for developers working with C#, Axivion Suite 7.7 now extends its support to C#10.

Qt-specific security rules

By establishing their own security rules, Qt aims to actively contribute to improving cybersecurity in systems developed with their tools. Now Axivion Suite 7.7 has incorporated those established Qt-specific security rules into their analysis tools, too. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for developers already familiar with other Qt tools, as they can now easily use the static code analysis and architecture verification tools in their projects – which helps them fortifying their code against potential vulnerabilities. These Qt-specific security rules will be expanded in future releases.

Simplified configuration

Axivion Suite’s setup GUI now enables developers to efficiently manage their configuration files directly within the user interface. Dedicated context menus allow to effortlessly add or remove layers or adjust their order. This optimized process is much more convenient than manually creating and editing configuration files in a text editor.

And there are even more additions to Axivion Suite 7.7: Like the new Enterprise Architect (EA) importer for QEA files, an additional metric with LCOM4, and an improved time zone support.

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